The Most Popular Slot Games at Spin Casino

spin casino slots - The Most Popular Slot Games at Spin Casino

Slot games are some of the most popular games globally, and they continue to grow in popularity year after year. In 2022, there were some great new slot games that you will want to check out! We have compiled a list of the 5 most popular online slots games to enjoy. So whether you are looking for something new or want to stick with the classics, we have something for everyone.

1. Starburst

This slot game is one of the most popular on the internet and for a good reason. With its fun graphics and exciting gameplay, it is a winner with players of all ages. It is a 5-reel, 10-pay line game that can be played on all devices. The game also has a great feature called the Starburst Wild which can help you win big. The game is played in a company called netent. This company is a big fish in the pond of online gaming netent is a company that was founded in 1996.

It quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best providers of online casino games, and it now has over 100 titles to its name. Starburst is just one of the many great games offered by this company. Starburst has got a big reputation at netent, bringing them one of the most popular slots out there. Their payment options are through bank transfer, visa electron, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Neteller, and skrill.

2. Cleopatra

Cleopatra is owned by a company called IGT. IGT is a US-based company that was founded in 1981. It is one of the leading online casino games providers and has over 100 titles to its name. Cleopatra is just one of the many great games offered by this company. They mainly payout in US dollars but do have other options like CAD, AUD, and GBP. It also has a progressive jackpot that can be won, and its security features are through McAfee and Thawte.

This game is based on the ancient Egyptian queen and offers players an exciting gaming experience. It is a 5-reel, 20-pay line game with great bonus features. Players can win up to 100 free spins in this game, and the jackpot is a whopping $250,000! This game can be played on all devices and has an RTP of 95.02%.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

This game is from a company called netent and is one of their most famous slots. Netent was founded in 1996 and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best online casino game providers. They now have over 100 titles to their name, including Gonzo’s Quest.

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular online slots games around, and for a good reason. With its fun graphics and exciting gameplay, it is a winner with players of all ages. It is a 5-reel, 20-pay line game that can be played on all devices. The game also has a great Avalanche feature that can help you win big. This game has an RTP of 96.0% and is a great choice for players of all levels.

4. Wheel of Fortune

This game is from an IGT company and is one of their most famous slots. IGT was founded in 1981 and is one of the leading online casino game providers. They now have over 100 titles to their name, including Wheel of Fortune. They offer payments through bank transfer, visa electron, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Neteller, and skrill.

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular online slots games around, and for a good reason. With its fun graphics and exciting gameplay, it is a winner with players of all ages. It is a 5-reel, 25-pay line game that can be played on all devices. The game also has a great feature called the Wheel of Fortune bonus to help you win big. This game has an RTP of 96.0% and is a great choice for players of all levels. They also offer certain features like McAfee and Thawte.

slots online - The Most Popular Slot Games at Spin Casino

5. Rainbow Riches

This game is from a company called Barcrest and is one of their most famous slots. Barcrest was founded in 1968 and is one of the leading online casino game providers. They now have over 100 titles to their name, including Rainbow Riches. This game has an RTP of 95.0% and is a great choice for players of all levels.

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular online slots games around, and for a good reason. With its fun graphics and exciting gameplay, it is a winner with players of all ages. It is a 5-reel, 20-pay line game that can be played on all devices. The game also has a great bonus feature called the Rainbow Riches Bonus Round which can help you win big. They pay their customers through bank transfer, visa electron, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Neteller, and skrill.

Deposit Options at Spin Casino

deposit options spin casino - Deposit Options at Spin Casino

There are many deposit options players have when using the online Spin Casino. We have narrowed the selections down to the top four players choose more than any other. What we want to do with this list is to talk about some facts associated with these top four choices.

1) Paypal

The first thing we want to discuss is how to use this option for depositing. It is actually much simpler than people realize, at least compared to using credit cards. The first thing you do is go to the online cashier. You tell the online cashier how much you wish to deposit. Sometimes the casino will give you a promo code, and sometimes they will not. You enter the promo code into the queue if Spin Casino has offered one. You click the submit button once you are done. You will then be directed to the Paypal site. You then have to verify things on your account. The site will either approve or disapprove the process once that is completed. The casino will usually let you deposit anything from $10 to $10,000. The best thing to do is to read the reviews and read the terms and conditions. That will clarify everything for you concerning the deposit limits. Will you have to pay a fee for using Paypal? That you will have to discuss with Paypal and Spin Casino. You may have to, then again, you might not have to. What you can expect to pay (if there are fees involved) is $10-25. That does not include the fees Paypal might charge you for using this service. It is relatively pain-free.

2) Credit Cards

This mostly applies to those using the Visa option. However, we are almost positive you can extrapolate this information and use it for other credit cards. The first thing you need to know is Visa cards are safe and secure to use online with Spin Casino. The first thing you need to do is sign up with Spin Casino. You cannot really do anything with the deposit options unless you sign up first. Go to the online cashier and choose the Visa credit card option. The site will direct you to enter the information required. This is the same process you would do with any other online purchase, except you are using Spin Casino for online gambling. The site will then tell you whether or not your information has been accepted. Then, the site will tell you when your money is available and ready to use. There are two downsides to using this option for deposit. One, you might be open to fraud. Your Visa credit card (especially if it is a debit card) is linked to your other banking information. In other words, your information is not going to be anonymous with this option. Just thought we would tell you that upfront. The casino is not responsible for the fraud that happens from your bank. That you will have to take care of on your own. Two, you might be rejected. In that case, you will have to have a backup plan for depositing.

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3) The Paysafecard

This is very similar to using a credit card or debit card for deposit. You first have to buy a code from either the site or mobile app platform. Now, there are no fees attached to this. The amount you buy is the amount that will be on the card. All you do is register with the Spin Casino site. Once again, it does not do you any good if you do not register first. Some argue about playing in the demo version first before using real money. You can still do this. Register and submit the payment stuff later. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Go to the cashier and select the Paysafecard option. Enter the promo code if you have any. One thing to mention is the promo code itself. You do not have to cash out the entire promo code right away. You can use the balance later for a future purchase. The system will take a 2% fee if you decide to make a payment with this option. Other than that, you will have no extra fees to contend with. That is it. You can start using the option for deposits.

4) Neteller

This is one of the more popular e-wallet options gamblers like to use online at Spin Casino. Here is how you start using it for yourself. Log into your site account. Create one first if you do not already have one. Go to the cashier and select the Neteller option. The one thing that is a bit different is you need a 16-digit code (which they give you) and the number you want to deposit. The system will then ask for a secure ID. Did you not get one? You can always go to the main Neteller site and get it there. Reach out to the support staff online if you are having issues. Will your request go through on time? That all depends on you. You will need to have the proper funds in your account for things to go through. There might be a delay or cancellation if the funds are not there. Sometimes you will see the funds you requested within an hour or two. Other times it will take a day or so. Once again, it all depends on the status of your account and the funds you have available and ready for use. You can either get the money through your bank or wire transfer. A wire transfer might take longer. Always check with the Spin Casino sire before proceeding with anything. The support staff is here to help you through any issues. The support staff has a 24/7 availability rate (as far as we know). Good luck, everyone and have fun.

Best Slots at Spin Casino in 2020

great slots at spin casino 150x150 - Best Slots at Spin Casino in 2020

Slot machines draw a lot of players (men and women) to come to try their luck. That is why it should come as no surprise that slot machines are a big draw at Spin Casino in New Zealand. Below we will break down four of the most popular slot games that players come and play almost regularly.

1) Nine Pots of Gold

This one is reserved for those who are somewhat new to the slot machine experience. This game definitely has the luck of the Irish behind it. It was actually released in March of this year. It is already gaining momentum though. Players are going to find about 5 reels, 20 pay lines, and 3 rows. This slot comes courtesy of the Microgaming platform. You do get free spins, but no respins. Players can also find wild symbols and multipliers but will be disappointed to know there is n jackpot. The volatility rate is about medium. Those preferring a lower risk factor might not want to opt for this slot machine choice. The payout RTP (Return T Player) ratio is a little over 96%. That is not bad.

2) The Wheel of Wishes

This is one of the more progressive jackpots you can find at Spin Casino. There are a total of 4 progressives for players. There is a low volatility rate, so players can rest easy over that. It also takes place in the desert. The RTP is just over 93%. That is not as high as the others, but it still fairs pretty well. Players can win up to 2 million credits in the game. This is one of the more progressive jackpots available. However, not every player is going to get that far. That is why they call them progressives. When it comes to the base level of the game, landing some of the power credits can be somewhat tricky. There is a power-up option though. Now, that should only be used by those who claim to be high rollers. We are not saying this to discourage players, but it can be very expensive to use. Only those with an unlimited bankroll should try.

3) The Thunderstruck Two Slot

This slot game option finds the player going into the mystical world of Asgard. This game has 5 reels and presents more than 204 ways for players to win. Players who love Nordic Gods are going to love this game. Nordic Gods reign high and mighty in this adventure. Many bonus features help you win the big prize. We should point out that the big prize can be as little as 1,000 coins.

4) Ivory Citadel

This game is basically a lost world in a dungeon. The goal is to return the city to its former glory, minus the corruption. Players can advance to different levels through spins and bonus features. The more advanced the level, the harder it is to turn the city back from corruption.

The city wants to be ivory again. However, corruption reigns supreme. The more the player can return the city t former glory, the more cash prizes await them. it is challenging though. Players are not going to find this the cakewalk they think it is.

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Some Tips For Online Slot Adventure

1) Plan on some kind of budget for your slot fun. The bad thing about slot games is they make it harder for the player to stick to their budget. The reason is that there are too many enticing offers and ways to go. That is why players need to map out how much they are willing to win and lose for the set number of hours they plan to play.

Once again, it is easy to of overboard. You tend to forget yourself and the time when you are online. That is why you have to make a plan ahead of time.

2) You think it is easy to forget yourself online when you are sober. Imagine what it is like after you have had a few drinks in you. Now everyone has their own set limit of what gets them drunk. That is why all of you should make a plan of how much you can drink before you start to go a little “loopy”.

Playing any game online (let alone slots) drunk is not a good practice to start. Some claim they have it all under control. Please do not start this way of thinking. You are not going to be able to control yourself as you drink more. Alcohol is going to lower your levels to the point where you do not care. You will care when you wake up tomorrow and have bet all your rent money away.

That is why we encourage you to stop and think before taking another drink. How much can you ingest before you feel numb? Drink a little less than that if you are going to drink. We only say this to help you, the player.

3) Set aside your gambling money ahead of time. This is the money you can afford to lose. Use that and nothing else. That way you have lost nothing if you wind up losing a large amount in the process. You will thank us later.

The Best Popular Pokies in Spin Casino

Spin Casino Slots e1654720764241 - The Best Popular Pokies in Spin Casino

In today’s world, there are many slots games to select between when Someone is playing online. Both have their graphic styles, themes, and functions, but they all work similarly. Many of these slots games got three to five helms containing various symbols; the symbols are modified depending on game themes to provide an extra layer of fun and excitement. However, the thing that makes any slot game popular determines with the category of game, such as theme, bonus, chances of winning and spinning, etc. Therefore, the following guide will help us understand the most popular slot games in the gambling industry.

1. Starburst

Starburst is one of the most popular and busy online casino games. The finest of its popularity is down to its lesser variance, which means frequent payouts and abundant entertainment. Starburst is designed with a classic feel, though its stunning graphic and greatest bonus feature comes from the expanding wilds. These can include acreage on any of the three idle reels, and after they perform, they can expand to fill the whole reel, sometimes both five offers participants with multiple payouts. Another good feature is that after expanding wild acreage, they can lock the spool they landed on. Still, Someone after can be provided with free re-spins of the remaining acreage where any fresh winning combos can be compensated out accordingly.

2. Age of Asgard

It is not frequently to get a new slot game in the best three, but the new slot from Yggdrasil the Age of Asgard requires a prime spot, it is a five roll with up to 50 pay lines. This slot game provides wilds, various categories of free spins, and entertaining clash features. The slot machine is capable of reimbursing up to whopping $488860, that is if Someone plays max bet. However, the contestants are allowed to gamble from $ 0.20 to $ two hundred per spin. Age of Asgard is fun and exciting, it is a two in one slot machine impression, and the game was created back in 2019 and already is having spot two on the greatest online slot games.

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3. Planet of the Chimps

Planet of the chimps is another great slot game that delivered from NetENT among their current release. Having been offered the license to produce a slot based on the well-known movie franchise NetEnt has again released something of fantastic quality. It features double rolls of five rolls and 20 pay lines apiece, one for each major two movies, the Dawn of the planet of the chimps, and the Rise of the planet of the chimps. This unique feature-packed slot is confirming large preferred amongst online casino contestants. With the animations and graphics, the game also provides medium to great volatility, meaning Someone can predate some very excellent payouts. Additionally, finished with bonus features including stacked wild, free spins, scatter symbols, and a bonus game to the two movies, there are amply of various methods for Someone to deliver in the wins.

4. Guns N’ Roses

Being the champion of the finest slot machine back in 2017, Guns Roses has to be in the top list of greatest slot games. The game is popular because of its greatest graphics, a bunch of productive features, and its stunning soundtrack, and the roll format is five rolls and 20 pay lines. It also got an RTP of 96.98%. The game is also delivered entirely comprising wonderful features such as free spins, wild symbols, expanding wilds, multipliers, bonus helm, scatter symbols and a hugely thrilling bonus games. Whether you like the rock band or alternative, there is no uncertainty that you will eventually enjoy the exceeding additional action that it offers.

5. Wild Toro

Being released by ELK studios in 2016, wild Toro has been earning reviews from thousands of participants on online casinos. As an average of a superior variance slot, this game is well known for its huge payouts that are proficient in dishing out. The jackpot in wild Toro is a confounding 2,22500 x the total gambling placed and considering that Someone can gamble as great as 100.00 per spin, where the participants can talk about a possible payout of 225,000.

However, even when Someone fails to manage taking down the whooping jackpot, he/she still can get some other friendly payouts through a bunch of game structures such as wild symbols, re-spins, and walking wilds. Since Wild Toro is among the modern slot game, Someone can be guaranteed that the graphics are both in HD, and the simulations sublime. Also, players can be guaranteed that Wild Toro has been created by mobile technology, in concentration playable on almost any scheme of connecting to the steaming and internet games.


As a result, you now know various popular slot games. Always keep in mind that different game providers got different styles and niches; some of the providers will target high explosive slots. In contrast, others will target low explosive ones. Also, some like keeping the classy old subject while others target current incredible graphics, and that what makes the game fun and enjoyable.

Spin Palace gets a new look with Spin Casino

Spin Palace gets a new look with Spin Casino

Since it opened its doors for business as a spin palace in 2001, this brand knows better that staying in business demands more re-imagining and rebirth. This elite Casino has undergone some vigorous revamping in the recent past to give its players an experience they can’t get it anywhere. With technology at the centre of their reinvention, the spin palace has outdone their customers’ expectations with their new site, which is incredibly easy to navigate from any device.

Spin Casino, as its popularly known now, is licensed in Malta and Kahnawake, and they get supported by the world’s best casino software providers such as evolution gaming, Microgaming, Ezugi, and Crazy Tooth Studio. All their services are accessible and compatible across all platforms, from iPad, Android, and iPhone to mac. With the revamping of the site, they are now supporting a host of languages to cater for their growing number of players from different sectors. Some of the common languages supported by the spin casino include French, English, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and Russian, among others.

Game Variety

The spin casino comes with over 450 different games that are supported and backed by reputable software providers like Microgaming and evolution gaming. These games get distributed into various game categories they provide, which include; Blackjack, slots, and live dealers. Video poker, Roulette, Keno, Craps, Baccarat, Table games, and progressive jackpots not forgetting scratch cards.

The spin casino has an incredible blackjack game collection for both experienced players and new players without much experience. In total, they have approximately 13 blackjack games selection up for grabs for nay spin casino enthusiasts can engage in.

Video Poker

One area you cannot go wrong with the revamped spin casino is video poker games. The casino game comes with a host of super exciting video poker machines to choose from a variety of over 14 video poker games. Some of the popular games in this category include SupaJax, Bonus Deuces, Louisiana Double, and all Americans, among others. If you are better at jacks, then your options are well covered here.

Table and Live Dealer Games

Apart from games in this section being unique, the variety and quantity and something that makes the new spin palace a force to reckon with. They have also introduced new game varieties which are not available in many niches. Many of their table and live dealer games offer players a chance to select the software provider or even better an opportunity to adjust their graphics.

If you happen to be wondering which games fall under this section, below are some of the popular table and live dealer games they provide; Baccarat, Bongo, Ballistic Bingo, Keno, Spingo, craps and Red Dog.

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Progressive and Regular Slots

The spin casino comes with a variety of progressive slots for players to choose from. Their Mega Moolah is quite popular with both players who come experienced and newcomers as well. In the recent past, they have paid out bonuses and winnings running into tens of millions.

Their progressive slot machine, the Dark Knight, is another progressive slot that comes with a minimum deposit of 0.01 dollars, making it highly affordable, especially to players who are low risk-takers. What is incredible with this slot is its bonus round, which is quite some fun one cannot afford to miss.

Some of the popular progressive slots include; Mega Moolah Isles, Wowpot, Lotsaloo, Treasure Nile, and the famous Mega moolah.


When it comes to regular slots, the revamped spin casino comes with three and 5-reel classic video slots. What is even more exciting about these slots is, that it will be no challenge to hit huge winnings as these slots carry with them substantial bonus features, bonus rounds, scatters and multipliers.

The variety of slot games in this section is overwhelming, and all kinds of players are usually covered here; approximately 99 per cent of the player’s expectations when it comes to slots will have an excellent selection.


The spin casino comes out after the revamp with a fantastic welcome bonus that is everchanging and you can keep up to date with it on this great Spin Casino Review. They as well have other value-added bonuses for experienced players in their special sportsbook features. With only three initial deposits, the spin casino allows its players to claim match bonuses.

Other exciting bonus rounds available to players include the spinning bonus wheel, which comes with a generous reward even though you cannot predict the winner. The experience is quite fantastic for any player when they are surprised by a spinning wheel and end up hitting significant wins.

The spin casino comes with a loyalty program with each wager in place. The points earned in the loyalty program enable players to unlock the coveted VIP status, which comes with huge perks and more generous rewards. Such packages make this Casino a bit more popular than the rest.

The introduction of a sportsbook to spin Casino comes with a 100 per cent free bet up to 200 dollars listed spin casino among the few casinos with such an incredible feature. Not many casinos offer their players sports betting alongside the other casino games. Such multi-variety brings taste and great options for players to choose and experience. Sportsbook comes with a maximum win that’s quite generous, and it’s capped at around 20,000 dollars. Such huge winnings make players return to this Casino.

Monthly Raffles

It’s quite exciting to note that spin casino offers monthly raffles to their players as a way to motivate them. This bonus feature makes players loyal to the casino game. For you to be eligible for this monthly bonus raffle, players are only required to deposit 25 dollars, which is equal to one ticket on the lottery. The Casino, in return, offers several prizes, which include cash offers ranging from 50 dollars to 500 dollars. Similarly, there is a Mac Book Pro up for grabs worth 1500 dollars.


The spin casino offers its vast players a host of payment methods for their deposit and withdrawal purposes. These options sometimes may differ from country to country, but prepaid cards, credit cards, and web wallets are the most popular and used banking methods.

Consequently, both deposit and withdrawal methods vary from one country to another. Their banking and financial transaction details get kept secure while your transactions online are kept safe through SSL encryption.

In some instances, withdrawal fees may apply depending on various reasons. The maximum withdrawal for the spin casino gets capped at 10,000 dollars per month, and their approval period range from 24 hours to a maximum of three days.

Customer Service

When it comes to the customer service department, the revamped spin casino comes with well-trained yet highly professional customer service agents. They are courteous and eager to assist their players in case of a challenge. The three most used channels are available, which include live chat that is available 24/7.

Not just that, their customer agents are beneficial on the phone, and their conversations are very professional. In some instances, when you happen to reach them via email, their responses are instant and highly professional.

Similarly, Spin Casino comes with a well-elaborated FAQ page with some of the most common challenges you might face as a player and well researched clear answers accompanying them. You may not even need to contact their customer care after visiting this page.

Most Popular Games after Slots at Spin Palace

feature 1 e1654720924430 - Most Popular Games after Slots at Spin Palace

Some Individuals play casino games because they want to have fun, feel that thrill and win cash, but not all games break even with. The casino payout rate makes a difference and decides on the casino you are too. So how do you know what are the top and popular casino games after the spin? Here is a list of the top foremost fun, thriller and allows you to have that big chance to win some cash. who wouldn’t want to win more cash then you walk in the door with? check out these top 4 popular casino games that are the perfect fit for you.


Blackjack is the hype of blackjack. Why is this casino game so popular and number one on most top lists of casino gaming? There are no questions around how the reality that blackjack has come about to be of the foremost prevalent casino diversion game all around the world. Nowadays, having a blackjack table is a must in a casino or even online today. The name blackjack got its popular name from the jack of spades and clubs. The rules are very easy for the player to beat their dealer which has to equal a hand of 21. Here some pointers about the game blackjack.

Easy to play- it is so easy to play basically if you can count to 21 then you got this game with hands down.

Lower hand has the advantage- the chances are great in a game of blackjack the higher the hand is the chances that the player wants to win, so the advantage of having a lower hand gives the player more of a reasonable chance to win.

It’s a big hit for the social aspect of the game- the amusement of the game should be played together with great interaction among other players. It is fun even at the side of others; it is what most individuals who appreciate the recreations accept in the game.


There’s nothing like denying the foremost self-evident thing that roulette is a well-known game. It is the one spot that you’re planning to see the largest crowd swarming around the table in a casino but moreover, you see fair as much activity online too. within the crowds you see them cheering louder for each turn of the wheel.

Within the most perspectives of this game, it is such a huge hit with the players and a swarm of player pleasers.

Simple to play- once you have a place that bet and you are in the game. You are ready now to play your bet and you will need to select what chip point you want to bet. Just that simple. And watch the wheel spin, my friend. You will experience the awesome fun and the thrill it will bring to you when you are playing.

The Bet’s – You might discover that the least bet drops essentially on the off chance that the casino is having a moderate slow night. The greatest for the interior to your bets is the frequently lower, due to the higher payout that can apply to your bets.

The contrast between Interior and Outside Bets You Place- there are two primary categories when it comes to betting: interior bets and outside wagers. An interior wagered applies to a single number or gathering of numbers. These wagers are the hardest to win, but most fulfilling if you do.

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Is one of the finest most well-known games of all card games of poker. The two card games which are known for the hole cards are dealt with each player faced down. You will have five cards which are normally called the community cards they are now dealt unto three different stages you will have the first stage which is called the flop, then you have the second stage which is called the turn and the third stage is called the river. Each of the players will be dealt and you want to seek the best of the five-card hands. It is the thrill and the rush and the perfect time to put on that poker face. This is the reason this is the third of the popular games.

Too easy to play just place your bet and then you are dealt two cards for yourself then place your bets and you wait for the stages as each stage places you can bet higher or keep the bet the same than at the last stage it is five best cards that will win so you keep your bet, higher the bet, or you can fold’em.

Got to know when to bet and when to fold’em so you need to know what cards beat what cards, also need to know what a straight you have, small and big straight, you have what is called a flush, a two of a pair, three of a kind and you have a high card.

If you know the understanding of the cards and your bet then all you need to do is play smart. Have that perfect poker face.


This the fourth foremost he best popular game. It is a top dice game call craps’ this game is a good chance out of 50/50 of you winning. You are betting on that dice you are rolling in your hand.

It’s simple but can be hard- it is fun and simple if you know the game but It can be hard to understand for beginners but it is not as tough as it looks through. And does have the best odds of you winning in this most game in the casino. You are betting your money on the dice you are rolling in your hands.

On craps, the methodology- is to play right away and they normally will call it a bettor after you have played the pass and come to the bet with the tale. This wager bet is considered to be the best out of all. And land the casino game due to the house bet and can be the most excellent of craps and it is the way to win craps for the apprentices

You win in case you roll- a 7 or 11 after the come wagered is made, and if you roll a 2,3,12 you lose the wagered. With any other number, your claim point number is made, which is isolated from the pass line wagered point number.

You got your poker face on and ready to play some games and win that cash. These four popular casino games are the foremost casino games that will give you that most fun that you are looking for that betting that is simple and easy to play and that trilling that takes over your body and the cheering that you are winning and playing smart and now you know little more of an understanding about playing these 4 top best popular casino games.

Four Best Adventure-Themed Slot Games at Spin Palace

Featured PostImages 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must 150x150 - Four Best Adventure-Themed Slot Games at Spin Palace

Adventure themed slot games are common at online casinos and the genres are not gendered specific. The games are produced constantly by the providers of software creating new and more improved versions of the adventure-themed game slots. The software providers work hard to create the most upgraded games for players to enjoy. Many people source these themed slot games at the spin palace because the adventures help to bring lively the dull and boring day. The games also take you through weird places like the clouds, the underwaters, and even the wild jungles of Latin America. It is one way of exploring different adventures.

Here are the 4 best adventure-themed slot games at Spin Palace

The Legendary Dungeon Maze

The legendary dungeon game is a game created for Microgaming by RABCAT GAMBLING. The game is created with rich awesome colours and shocking graphics which makes you enjoy the game more while playing. The graphics are stitchless and of high quality. The symbols are made of beautiful tiles, crystals, dragon shields, and keys.the magician and worrier characters of the game are also included in tile symbols.

The setting for this adventure is a dark chamber, carrying you to a wild world where you will appear like a hero who was being awaited.when playing this game you will enjoy the 5×5 classic video slot filled with dungeons gold features. The game is a reflection of the past when the kings were conquered they had to hide their treasures in the under the ground. So, it was up for you to become a hero and overcome all that hinders the riches.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo quest is a game created by the NetEnt is a 3D game whereas a character you positions yourself beside the gaming board. The game uses tumbling blocks instead of the rotating reels. The character moves while making noise several. The tumbling blocks will explode once they form a prize pattern once the treasure of El Dorado is blocks will fall into place and another character called “multiplier” is added to game.maximum number of multipliers is 5.

In this game, you are led by Gonzo into the wild lost temple where the free spin game begins where the treasures include more free spins, and Gonzo is excited if the prices stop or get stuck. Symbols of animals like snakes, birds, fish, and alligators are used, and also symbols of the moon, fire, and the earth. The earth is the highest paying symbol and you can be awarded up to 125x. Gonzo would be seen dancing at the sides of reels when you win.

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The Epic Journey

The epic journey was created by Quickspin producers. The game gives promise which it does not get over until it reaches the promise. The gaming board consists of three plates using reels. The reals are stack on this game which are rarely line up nicely but they have wild symbols and various bonuses from the volcanos. The game is interesting in a way that if one or more than one volcano tiles makes an appearance at the same time, one of them must blow, releasing lava balls on the screen, and when this lava ball hits the tile, the tile turns wild. When this happens, you have a very big win score.

You stimulate a full bonus on the game when three Earthships will be required to pick a game randomly which can result in a free-spinning, a three-spin fossil hunt, the mushroom forest pick game, or a wide cash prize. The epic journey game is mentored by steampunk movies because of the classic movie from steampunk.

A Switch in Time

A switch in time is a game created by Rival Powered software is an adventure game slot that is liked by many people.the game is inspired by animations and graphic fiction. A switch in time game has nice soundtracking effects. the free spins on the game are stimulated by more than two lady symbols. No matter the amount of cash you have in the casino gaming bankroll, you can win up to 78 free spins in this game. As soon as you hit the clock prize, the background screen will activate, and the clock at the top of it will automatically activate as soon as the stopwatch pays the prize.

The game is a reflection of love life in the past where you are made to believe that your lover existed in the past century and you are therefore required to risk everything for that particular love and travel back in a time is a category of rival gaming. You will travel in a time machine and get time to meet the lady you think of. Along the way, you will be required to pick-up themed items like cars, lamps, clocks and pocket watches, and everything you get wins you a big prize.


A lot of these games are played by different people in the casinos. Many trying to find the best of the adventure-themed game slots. The producers are also on the run to create more games and allowing people to purchase free versions of the slots. some games are even blocked from users. But these listed for game slots are highly on the move in the spin palace because they transport you to different wild adventures like the moon, jungles, under the waters, and even the wilt forests of Latin America. You can purchase one of them and remove the dull days from your sight and enjoy a lively day of adventure.

All You Need to Know Before Joining Spin Palace Casino

lasvegas - All You Need to Know Before Joining Spin Palace Casino

Gambling has been around since time immemorial and has been upgrading ever since.

As time progresses, casinos always have learned to update their list of things to do. Games are forever being invented and reinvented. Many online casinos have an array of hundreds, if not thousands of games. Most online sites have four categories of games; Video Poker, Slots, Table Games, and Specialty Games. Video Poker is a term for all poker games played on a slot like machines. Slots include 3Ds, progressives, and everything in between. Table Games is the section you will find all card games while the Specialty section is home to anything that does not fit in the other categories like lottery tickets and bingo. This categorization is not one size fits all as different sites offer different designs.

However, most have the said games. Casino Games are also divided into skill games and games of chance. Games of skill can be studied and then practised to gain a level of understanding that can then help you win. A game like blackjack is a good example of a skill game. A random game, on the other hand, purely depends on luck or whatever you believe in. While skill games are only good earners if the player understands the skills. Without an understanding of the particular game, the game can as well end up being a one of chance.

When selecting a casino to play for, you may want to consider. To start with, look at the selection you want to have. Online sites have a variety ranging from a handful to a dozen, hundreds, and even thousands. Some have applications that come with apps that are compatible with smartphones and tablets, which gives gamers the ease of access. Casinos have the same basic games, so if you want the extra edge, you have to find the ones that offer a tad bit of difference, like a multi-ball roulette.

One of the legends in the business is Spin Palace, an enterprise that has been around since 2001, just a few years after the internet was born. The site is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and it provides reports for their winnings to ensure they are maintaining randomness. The casino has been given credit as one of the best payout sites with at least a 97% ratio. As approved in randomness, the site has continued to ensure that all players have a fair chance of winning.

Their success has seen them start up other sites like Jackpot City, Mummy’s Gold, and Gaming Club.

At Spin Palace, promotions and bonuses are a basket of goodies for players. As a newbie, you have the chance to claim three welcome offers. The first deposit provides a 100% offer with a match up to $250, the second deposit, 25% a match up to $300. That is not the last of it as the third deposit yields a 50% match up to $450. The offer is 50x for this playthrough, which can earn as much as $1000. Loyal visitors also get quite an award. Every time a wager is made by a player in the casino, they are awarded reward points that can be redeemed for money at the player’s convenience. Collection of enough club points also puts a player on the path to joining VIP membership which has 6 levels starting with Blue up to Prive.

For those that trust a product based on brands affiliated to it, you might want to know that Spin Palace Casino is powered by gaming experts Microgaming. Thanks to them, Spin Palace can allow a player to play more than one game concurrently. Spin Palace knows how to upgrade with the latest trends. They have a selection of games on the slots based on movies like Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, Game of Thrones, and Hitman.

Spin Palace offers various fruit slots machines, 3- and 5-reel slots, and 3D slots for its slots section.

Featured PostImages 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must Straightforward slots - All You Need to Know Before Joining Spin Palace Casino

The Video poker has an impressive collection of interactive sets like Jacks or Better, Jokers and Aces, Deuces, and as many as 50 others. It also features progressive jackpot games like it’s popular Mega Moolah. These progressive games may end up paying out in millions. For its table games, Spin Palace has various options like blackjacks i.e., Single hand, Multi-hand, European, and High streak blackjacks. The tables section also offers Roulette, which features the popular European, American, and French Roulettes.

On their website, Spin offers a perfect layout for a beginner. You will be able to see any section from the first page, from games to bonuses, customer support, and banking. Players can either play via flash or via download. Through flash, the player can play easily via most of the common browsers. This is easy as it does not require the need to have extra software. The other option allows enjoying awesomely animated graphics. When customized, the software can be compressed to fit 10mbs, which can save up on space issues. It is also available for android and iOS devices for on the go access. The apps and online sites also have handy disconnection measures that ensure if you disconnect while you were still playing, none of the action proceeds without you.

Spin Palace offers a near-perfect customer support system. The casino puts the needs of the customers first. They use understanding language and can offer assistance as many times as possible. They are available on live chat and the casino’s toll-free number. They understand the workings of most of the games and are available at any day and at any time. The customer service is not just for the beginners but for anyone who might be stuck trying to understand how the site works, trying to understand a game or figuring out how to pay or deposit.

The online scene has been plagued by malicious fraudsters and con people who infiltrate casinos, gain customer information, and drain their accounts. Spin Palace has invested in ensuring this does not happen on their casino. Spin Palace accepts payments and deposits from credit and debit cards; web wallets from Paypal, Neteller, Citadel, Entropay, Ecocard, and Skrill also accept direct bank transfers. A player has the option to choose whatever method works for them, which is a good thing as it ensures convenience and flexibility. It also gives has high encryption for the site to ensure fraudsters in all their forms cannot access the site or customer information.

To wrap it up, there may be many players in the industry, but there are not many that have been around for as long as Spin Palace has. They have learned how to study their demographic, curate games that fit it, and ensure that they win while at it. They have taken the player’s affairs and concerns to heart and have hence offered them the feeling of security as they play and a guiding hand in the name of reliable customer service. They understand convenience too and have worked to ensure that players can enjoy gaming at their most comfortable option, i.e., via phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. It is not a secret that Spin Palace may be here to stay.

3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace

Featured PostImages 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace - 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace

Entertainment and appeal are two of the many things that Spin Palace is known for. Even if you are just in your bedroom or study, playing Spin Palace casino games makes you feel like you are playing in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.

Premium quality games are on offer here in just a few clicks on your computer or mobile phone.

The sparkling and lush casino lobby is filled with first-rate and exciting casino games with amazing designs and gameplay. These are just some of the things that made Spin Palace a TV series awardee and be recognized by other award-giving bodies.

But what are the fans saying about Spin Palace? Learn about it here at Las Vegas The Series.

Casino perks and promos

Featured PostImages 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace Casino perks and promos - 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace

It is true that finding a good online casino can be an overwhelming task. But according to fans, Spin Palace is the place to be and qualifies to be a good online casino whichever way you look at it.

Rewards and bonuses are just some of the things that make Spin Palace a lucky and happy gaming environment.

Payment platforms

Featured PostImages 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace Payment platforms - 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace

Casino players believe that a good online casino offers a hassle-free payment platform with several easy options. Fan sites are claiming that you can do financial transactions with confidence and assurance that everything is absolutely protected.

Fans also give credit to the effort made by Spin Palace to provide safe and secure banking options.

Casino download client

Featured PostImages 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace Casino download client - 3 Common Things that Fan Sites Say about Spin Palace

Another amazing thing from Spin Palace that fan sites comment on is its client software which is free to download and can be obtained for free. Accordingly, this makes the whole gaming experience a lot better.

There is no doubt that Spin Palace is a must-try online casino.

4 Reasons Why Las Vegas-Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must

Featured PostImages 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must - 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas-Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must

Everybody loves playing slots games. And the fact that it is now possible to play them at the comfort of your own home makes things more interesting.

Today, there are also movies and TV series inspired slots games that you can play, adding more excitement for casino players online.

If you are looking for slot games with adrenaline-pumping action and immediate rewards with a Las Vegas theme, then Spin Palace online casino is where you should go. Las Vegas The Series has created a list of 4 reasons why Spin Palace’s Las-Vegas style slots are something that you do not want to miss. Learn more about them below.

Superb slots

Featured PostImages 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must Superb slots - 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas-Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must

The slots at Spin Palace are superb in quality. Slots are made better with gorgeous graphics and vivid colors. There are different varieties of slots games that are available at Spin Palace as well, so whether you are in the mood for video slots, classic clots, or progressive jackpot slots, the online casino has got you covered.

Straightforward slots

Featured PostImages 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must Straightforward slots - 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas-Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must

Are you looking for straightforward slots to play? If you are, then you should try Spin Palace’s classic slots. The simplicity of classic slots features old-school yet vibrant designs with bars, dollar signs, shapes, and fruits.

Classic slots also feature authentic sound effects, the same things to be found in land-based slots.

Classic slot games are also perfect for those searching for a calmer experience than the average playing experience at Spin Palace. Beginners and slots purists would love to try this offering from Spin Palace.

Amazing video slots

Featured PostImages 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must Amazing video slots - 4 Reasons Why Las Vegas-Style Slots at Spin Palace are a Must

Are you a fan of video games and want to play for real money? If you are then the video slots at Spin Palace are perfect for you. In general, Video slots feature more details, with additional reels as well as paylines.

What is good about these video slots is that they offer detailed graphics and animation, and will bring you to a different world when you play it.

Video slots at Spin Palace can be almost anything in terms of game themes, from mythology, quirky humor, as well as television shows and blockbuster films.

Exciting jackpot slots

Do you want to take your payout potential to the next level? If you do then jackpot slots at Spin Palace are surely something that you would love. Jackpot slots function the same as other types of slots do but its potential to give a progressive jackpot is what makes it more interesting to slots lovers.

Jackpot slots at Spin Palace will allow you to either immediately get your prize or be required to play and complete a series of more games before claiming the prize, which means that the jackpot can accumulate and become bigger as you progress. These are the reasons why the Las Vegas-style slots games at Spin Palace are something that you would want to try playing. Should you have any questions, just contact us or joining a Spin Palace forum can also help.

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