Deposit Options at Spin Casino

deposit options spin casino - Deposit Options at Spin Casino

There are many deposit options players have when using the online Spin Casino. We have narrowed the selections down to the top four players choose more than any other. What we want to do with this list is to talk about some facts associated with these top four choices.

1) Paypal

The first thing we want to discuss is how to use this option for depositing. It is actually much simpler than people realize, at least compared to using credit cards. The first thing you do is go to the online cashier. You tell the online cashier how much you wish to deposit. Sometimes the casino will give you a promo code, and sometimes they will not. You enter the promo code into the queue if Spin Casino has offered one. You click the submit button once you are done. You will then be directed to the Paypal site. You then have to verify things on your account. The site will either approve or disapprove the process once that is completed. The casino will usually let you deposit anything from $10 to $10,000. The best thing to do is to read the reviews and read the terms and conditions. That will clarify everything for you concerning the deposit limits. Will you have to pay a fee for using Paypal? That you will have to discuss with Paypal and Spin Casino. You may have to, then again, you might not have to. What you can expect to pay (if there are fees involved) is $10-25. That does not include the fees Paypal might charge you for using this service. It is relatively pain-free.

2) Credit Cards

This mostly applies to those using the Visa option. However, we are almost positive you can extrapolate this information and use it for other credit cards. The first thing you need to know is Visa cards are safe and secure to use online with Spin Casino. The first thing you need to do is sign up with Spin Casino. You cannot really do anything with the deposit options unless you sign up first. Go to the online cashier and choose the Visa credit card option. The site will direct you to enter the information required. This is the same process you would do with any other online purchase, except you are using Spin Casino for online gambling. The site will then tell you whether or not your information has been accepted. Then, the site will tell you when your money is available and ready to use. There are two downsides to using this option for deposit. One, you might be open to fraud. Your Visa credit card (especially if it is a debit card) is linked to your other banking information. In other words, your information is not going to be anonymous with this option. Just thought we would tell you that upfront. The casino is not responsible for the fraud that happens from your bank. That you will have to take care of on your own. Two, you might be rejected. In that case, you will have to have a backup plan for depositing.

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3) The Paysafecard

This is very similar to using a credit card or debit card for deposit. You first have to buy a code from either the site or mobile app platform. Now, there are no fees attached to this. The amount you buy is the amount that will be on the card. All you do is register with the Spin Casino site. Once again, it does not do you any good if you do not register first. Some argue about playing in the demo version first before using real money. You can still do this. Register and submit the payment stuff later. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Go to the cashier and select the Paysafecard option. Enter the promo code if you have any. One thing to mention is the promo code itself. You do not have to cash out the entire promo code right away. You can use the balance later for a future purchase. The system will take a 2% fee if you decide to make a payment with this option. Other than that, you will have no extra fees to contend with. That is it. You can start using the option for deposits.

4) Neteller

This is one of the more popular e-wallet options gamblers like to use online at Spin Casino. Here is how you start using it for yourself. Log into your site account. Create one first if you do not already have one. Go to the cashier and select the Neteller option. The one thing that is a bit different is you need a 16-digit code (which they give you) and the number you want to deposit. The system will then ask for a secure ID. Did you not get one? You can always go to the main Neteller site and get it there. Reach out to the support staff online if you are having issues. Will your request go through on time? That all depends on you. You will need to have the proper funds in your account for things to go through. There might be a delay or cancellation if the funds are not there. Sometimes you will see the funds you requested within an hour or two. Other times it will take a day or so. Once again, it all depends on the status of your account and the funds you have available and ready for use. You can either get the money through your bank or wire transfer. A wire transfer might take longer. Always check with the Spin Casino sire before proceeding with anything. The support staff is here to help you through any issues. The support staff has a 24/7 availability rate (as far as we know). Good luck, everyone and have fun.