Month: December 2020

Best Slots at Spin Casino in 2020

great slots at spin casino 150x150 - Best Slots at Spin Casino in 2020

Slot machines draw a lot of players (men and women) to come to try their luck. That is why it should come as no surprise that slot machines are a big draw at Spin Casino in New Zealand. Below we will break down four of the most popular slot games that players come and play almost regularly.

1) Nine Pots of Gold

This one is reserved for those who are somewhat new to the slot machine experience. This game definitely has the luck of the Irish behind it. It was actually released in March of this year. It is already gaining momentum though. Players are going to find about 5 reels, 20 pay lines, and 3 rows. This slot comes courtesy of the Microgaming platform. You do get free spins, but no respins. Players can also find wild symbols and multipliers but will be disappointed to know there is n jackpot. The volatility rate is about medium. Those preferring a lower risk factor might not want to opt for this slot machine choice. The payout RTP (Return T Player) ratio is a little over 96%. That is not bad.

2) The Wheel of Wishes

This is one of the more progressive jackpots you can find at Spin Casino. There are a total of 4 progressives for players. There is a low volatility rate, so players can rest easy over that. It also takes place in the desert. The RTP is just over 93%. That is not as high as the others, but it still fairs pretty well. Players can win up to 2 million credits in the game. This is one of the more progressive jackpots available. However, not every player is going to get that far. That is why they call them progressives. When it comes to the base level of the game, landing some of the power credits can be somewhat tricky. There is a power-up option though. Now, that should only be used by those who claim to be high rollers. We are not saying this to discourage players, but it can be very expensive to use. Only those with an unlimited bankroll should try.

3) The Thunderstruck Two Slot

This slot game option finds the player going into the mystical world of Asgard. This game has 5 reels and presents more than 204 ways for players to win. Players who love Nordic Gods are going to love this game. Nordic Gods reign high and mighty in this adventure. Many bonus features help you win the big prize. We should point out that the big prize can be as little as 1,000 coins.

4) Ivory Citadel

This game is basically a lost world in a dungeon. The goal is to return the city to its former glory, minus the corruption. Players can advance to different levels through spins and bonus features. The more advanced the level, the harder it is to turn the city back from corruption.

The city wants to be ivory again. However, corruption reigns supreme. The more the player can return the city t former glory, the more cash prizes await them. it is challenging though. Players are not going to find this the cakewalk they think it is.

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Some Tips For Online Slot Adventure

1) Plan on some kind of budget for your slot fun. The bad thing about slot games is they make it harder for the player to stick to their budget. The reason is that there are too many enticing offers and ways to go. That is why players need to map out how much they are willing to win and lose for the set number of hours they plan to play.

Once again, it is easy to of overboard. You tend to forget yourself and the time when you are online. That is why you have to make a plan ahead of time.

2) You think it is easy to forget yourself online when you are sober. Imagine what it is like after you have had a few drinks in you. Now everyone has their own set limit of what gets them drunk. That is why all of you should make a plan of how much you can drink before you start to go a little “loopy”.

Playing any game online (let alone slots) drunk is not a good practice to start. Some claim they have it all under control. Please do not start this way of thinking. You are not going to be able to control yourself as you drink more. Alcohol is going to lower your levels to the point where you do not care. You will care when you wake up tomorrow and have bet all your rent money away.

That is why we encourage you to stop and think before taking another drink. How much can you ingest before you feel numb? Drink a little less than that if you are going to drink. We only say this to help you, the player.

3) Set aside your gambling money ahead of time. This is the money you can afford to lose. Use that and nothing else. That way you have lost nothing if you wind up losing a large amount in the process. You will thank us later.